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  • Born: Jun 1734, RI 2
  • Marriage (1): UNKNOWN about 1761 in NY
  • Marriage (2): Sarah CUNNINGHAM on 30 Mar 1834 in Morgan Co, OH 1
  • Died: 19 Feb 1835, OH at age 100 3

bullet  General Notes:

NAME: There is much confusion over John Wickham, Sr. and a William Wickham. Both of these men reportedly served in the Revolutionary War from NY state, moved later in life to SE Ohio and lived to be over 100. Various on-line genealogies list the same children for John Wickham and William Wickham. Could it be that they are actually the same person (perhaps John William Wickham or William John Wickham)?

1762: John Wickham is presumed to have been living in Stanford, Dutchess Co, NY since his presumed son Daniel was born there in 1762.
(Note: According to "Wikipedia", Stanford was first settled around 1750. The town was part of the Great Nine Partners Patent - also known as the Lower Nine Partners Patent - land grant of 1697. The Town of Stanford was formed in 1793 from the Town of Washington.)
(Note: To the north of the Great Nine Partners Patent is the Little Nine Rivers Patent formed in 1705 and to the south is the Beekman Patent formed in 1703.)

1783: John Wickham must have been living in Chatham, Albany Co, NY since his presumed daughter Mary married at Chatham, NY about 1783.
(Note: In 1786, Columbia Co. was formed from Albany Co. and Chatham and New Britian were then situated in Columbia Co.)

1790: (Note: According to his pension application, John Wickham was either living in Albany or Rensselaer County, NY in 1790. However, Rensselaer Co. was not created until Feb. 1791, with land from Albany County, NY.)

1790 NY CENSUS, Dutchess Co, Pawling twp:
John Wickham
1 male over 16
1 male under 16
2 females.
(Next to him on the census was Daniel Wickham.)
(Note: Vieve Metcalfe reports that this is probably the John Wickham who was born in 1711, married Thankful Briggs and was the father of Daniel Wickham.)
1790 NY CENSUS, Dutchess Co, Beekman twp:
John Wickham
1 male over 16
1 male under 16
2 females
1790 NY CENSUS, Albany Co, Easton twp:
John "Wilcox"
1 male over 16
1 male under 16
2 females
(On the next census page was a Benjamin Wickham.)
1790 NY CENSUS, Albany Co, Easton twp:
Benjamin Wickham
2 males above 16 (John Sr. & Benjamin?)
1 male under 16 (John Jr.?)
6 females (John's wife & ?,?,?,?,?)
(Listed next to Benoni Reynolds on the census.)

"Rensselaer Co, N.Y. is, was and has always been a big problem as far as our research is concerned. The patroon system around Albany more or less precluded ownership of land by the settlers, so records go from scanty to non-existant. John Wickham as well as Benjamin, Warren and William Wickham and Thomas Balis were leaseholders in the Manor of Rensselaerwyck. This we learned from a deed from one Van Rensselaer to another, in which the property description included at least 5 pages of lease holders, front and back. Ebenezer Merry was also a lease holder in said Manor (in 1789, 1793 & 1794), as was his son William."

"We can follow a John Wickham through Rensselaer Co, N.Y. by means of a deed from one Van Rensselaer to another in which at least 5 pages of leases were used as part of the property description. (Res. Co. Deeds 77:400 John Wickham 65th lease, Benjamin and Warren Wickham jointly 73rd lease)."

Listing of Early Settlers from Town of Milford (formerly called "Sufferage") from Unadilla, 1796: John Wickham

THE HISTORY OF OTSEGO, NY - Milford Pioneers:
The following located prior to 1797, viz., Stanley Whitford, Abel Lyon, Harvey Bacon, Belazed Moffat, Micah Hoskins, Jacob Murrel, Ezra Tryon, Levi Adams, Sperry Peck, Cyrenus Stoddard, Pennel Jewels. Others who settled at about the same time were Samuel Sisson, James Adams, Frederick Hess, Seth Miller, Noah Dodge, Frederick Brown, Benjamin Westcott, William Marinnis, Jacob Weaver, Philip Aylesworth, Joseph Hatch, Elias Jennings, William Collier, Samuel Hinman, Eleazer Cross, Otis Prentice, Levi Hungerford, Leonard Morey, Peter Millington, James Ray, William Chichester, John Aylesworth, Griswold Walworth, Thos. Eldred, and Mr. McCollum, Daniel Averill, David French, Jr., Jacob Houghtailing, Josiah Peets, Joseph McDonald, and John Wickham.

1800 NY CENSUS, Otsego Co, Milford:
John Wickham:
1 m. under 10 (Benjamin's son Nathan Henry?)
2 m. 16-25 (William? & John, Jr.?)
1 m. 26-44 (Benjamin?)
1 m. over 45 (John)
1 f. 10-15 (Benjamin's wife Jerusha? - incorrect age?)
1 f. over 45. (John's wife)
(Listed next to John Wickham on the census were Ambrose Merry, Warren Wickham and Richard "Baits" and listed nearby were Thomas Bates, Silas Ackley, Ephraim Bates & Elisha Lyon.)

LAND RECORDS, Otsego Co, NY, Oct 23, 1800: John Wickham and Benjamin Wickham of the town of Milford, Otsego Co, bought 100 acres of land from William Cooper, Esq. for $300.
(Note: Unsure if this is John Wickham, Sr. or John Wickham, Jr.)

1810 NY CENSUS, Otsego Co, Milford:
Jn. Wickham:
1 m. over 45 (John)
1 f. over 45 (John's wife)
(Listed next to Bn. Wickham, Jn. Wickham, Wm. J. Wickham, W. Wickham, T. "Bailus", E. "Ferinton" and A. Merry.)

1820 OH CENSUS, Morgan Co, Olive Twp:
John "Wickam":
1 male 45 and older (John)
1 female 45 and older (John's wife)
(Listed nearby were Benj. "Wickam", John "Wickam" Jr, Nathan "Wickam", Isaac Hill and Wm J. "Wickam".)

1830 OH CENSUS, Morgan Co, Olive Twp:
John Wickham:
2 m. under 5 (Timothy & Bimuel)
2 m. 5-10 (Jason & Isaac)
1 m 10-15 (Anson)
1 m. 20-30 (Calvin)
1 m. 50-60 (John Wickham, Jr.)
1 m. 60-70 (?)
1 m. 90-100 (John Wickham, Sr.)
2 f. under 5 (Hannah & ?)
1 f. 15-20 (?)
1 f. 20-30 (Eunice)
(Note: There are 2 seperate listings of this family in the census and the only difference is the 2nd one lists a male 100 years old and older.)

(Listed next to Benjamin Wickham on census.)

Note: It is interesting that in the 1830's many of the descendants of John Wickham who lived in SE Ohio lived within a span of 3 miles. Most of them lived on the roads that seperated townships in Monroe and Morgan Counties. Despite the close proximity, the land was actually in 2 different counties and 5 different townships.

MARRIAGE RECORD, Morgan Co, OH: John Wickham and Sarah Cunningham were married March 30, 1834 by Benjamin Blake.

State of Ohio, Morgan Co. Declaration of John Wicham to obtain a pension. Personally appeared before me David McGerry an associate Judge of the Court of common pleas of the County of Morgan & State of Ohio.. John Wickham Senior a resident of the said County & State who being first duly sworn according to law, doth on his oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the act of Congress passed June the 7th.. 1832.~ That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated - - - In New Britain Albany Co.. I was engaged as a drill Sergeant for the term of three months in the spring time of the year 1775 under Captain Jacob Fausberry to drill twenty five recruits for the service. remembers Simon Beeman, Tophas Smith and Joseph Webber were of the number, when that term was expired I entered as a minute man for one year, under the same Captain was principally employed against tories. Remembers going to Kinduhook & taking one out of a house in the night. but he made his escape before morning. was out so many scouting parties that his time was principally occupied thereby so that I could not attend to my farm that season. In the year 1776 I went out as a militia man under Captain Thomas Spenan, Lieutenant Henry Irvine, in a regiment commanded by Col.. Lyons for the term of three months.. to Fort Montgomery which was then under the command of James Clinton. from there I was sent with 24 men down to Tappan bay to watch the movement of some vessels of war belonging to the army. the largest of them was called the old ace man of war. Served out my time & got discharge signed by Clinton which is now lost.
The next time I was called, (when Bugoine was taken) to Beemis heights under Major Douglass, was out nearly a month that time.. But in fact I was called out so many tours some that I can't remember, the length of time nor the number of tours of duty I served having been enrolled & ready to be called out during the whole war. But to the best of my recollection I was out none after the fall of the year 1779. At that time I had a long spell of sickness & had to withdraw from the service.. Having been out a soldier in the french war for the term of two expeditions during which I was at the taking of fort Niagara & Frontinas. I was solicited at the commencement of revolution to enter the service & I continued from the beginning until the year 1779. Serving on tours against the tories.. But the exact number of months I can't say but suppose that it was two years or thereabouts.
I was born in the State of Rhode Island in the year 1734 in the month of June. removed at the age of eight years into York State in Duchess County. then to New Britain, Albany County where he resided during the revolution war (New Britain is now in Columbia County). Soon after I moved to Rensalaer Co. There I resided eighteen years, then removed to Otsego County, same State. from there removed to Morgan County, State of Ohio, Sixteen years ago where I now resides.. That I know of no person but my oldest son Benjamin can testify to his services.~ I hereby relinquish every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, & declare that my name is not on the pension roll agency of any state.
1st Where were you born? An: In Rhode Island State
2nd Have you any record of your age? An: None
3rd Where were you living when called into the service? Where have you lived since the revolutionary war and where do you now live? An: I was living in Albany County during the war. Since I have lived in Rensalaer and Otsego in York State and now live in Morgan County Ohio. I volunteered excepting one tour of three months. And the names of officers I remember, were Gen'l. Jas.. Clinton, Col. Jas.. Talmage at fort Montgomery & Genl.. Gates & Arnold, at Beemis heights the rest of my service was such as did not bring us often in the company of the regulars.
I rec'd a discharge from Genl. Clinton. But have now lost it. Robert McTire, David McGarry, Dennis Gibbs & Benjamin Blake can testify to my character for truth and veracity. There is no regular clergyman residing in this neighborhood.
Sworn to and subscribed this tenth day of February AD 1834
John (his "X" mark) Wickham
David McParry Associate judge
We Benjamin Wickham & William Wickham residing the first in Morgan County & the last in Muskingum County, Ohio, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with John Wickham who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration & Benjamin remembers his terms of service & William heard a conversation between his father John Wickham and the above named Captain Fausbery wherein the particulars of the above declaration were repeated. They believe him to be ninety nine years of age and that he is respected & believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the revolution and coman in that opinion.. Sworn to & subscribed the day & year afore said before me.
David McGarry Asst. Judge
signatures of Benjamin Wickham and Wm Jn Wickham
I do declare that after investigating the matter & putting the interrogations prescribed by the War department, that the abovenamed applicant was a revolutionary Soldier & served as he states & also he is unable to attend Court on account of bodily infirmity. And there is no regular clergyman in his neighborhood. I also declare that Benjamin & Wm Jn Wickham who have signed the above certificate are credible persons & their statements are entitled to credit.. Feb. 10th AD 1834.
David McParry Associate Judge
The State of Ohio, Morgan County: I Samuel A. Barker Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of the County aforesaids do hereby certify that David McGarry was on the tenth inst. and now is one of the Associate Judges of the Court of Common Please in and for said County duly commissioned and qualified as such to whose acts as such full faith and credit is due and ought to be given. In testimony whereof I have here unto affixed my official Seal and subscribed my name at McConnelsville this twenty fifth day of February A.D. 1834
A Barker Clerk C. C. P. M. C."
(Transcribed as written, with spelling and punctuation errors. There were many double periods. The print was difficult to read so some names may have been transcribed incorrectly.)

The Pension Roll of 1835, VOl. IV - Morgan Co, OH:
John Wickham, Sen.
Rank: Private
Annual Allowance: $80
Sums Received: $240
Description of Service: PA Mil.
When Placed on Pension Roll: Mar 21, 1834
Commencement of Pension: Mar 4, 1831
Age: 100
Note: The reference to PA must be a mistake.

Name: William John Wickham
Birth Date: Jun 1734
Birth Place: Rhode Island, USA
Death Date: 19 Feb 1835
Death Place: Morgan County, Ohio, USA
Cemetery: Devol Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Caldwell, Noble County, Ohio, USA
Has Bio?: Y
Children: Mary Dezire Farrington

ALBANY COUNTY, NY INFO: (from "NY Genealogical & Biographical Society" web-site) From 1772 -1786 Albany county included what are now Albany, Columbia, Rensselaer, Saratoga, & Schenectady counties, large parts of Greene & Washington counties and the disputed southwest corner of Vermont.

FRENCH & INDIAN WAR INFO: (from Wikipedia)
Fort Frontenac was a French trading post and military fort built in what is now Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It was strategically positioned at the mouth of the Cataraqui River where the St. Lawrence River leaves Lake Ontario. Fort Oswego was built by the British across the lake from Fort Frontenac in 1722 to compete with Fort Frontenac for the Indian trade. In August 1758, the British under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel John Bradstreet left Fort Oswego with a force of a little over 3000 men and attacked Fort Frontenac. Bradstreet destroyed the fort, and the fort's garrison of 110 men surrendered.

Fort Niagara is a fortification originally built to protect the interests of New France in North America .The fort played a significant part in the French and Indian War, and fell to the British in a nineteen day siege in July 1759, called the Battle of Fort Niagara. The French relief force for the besieged garrison was ambushed at the Battle of La Belle-Famille and the commander of the post, Pierre Pouchot, surrendered the fort to the British commander, Sir William Johnson, who initially led the New York militia.

Fort Montgomery was located at the confluence of Popolopen Creek and the Hudson River near Bear Mountain in Orange Co., NY. The fortifications consisted of a river battery of six 32-pound cannons, a boom and cable across the Hudson River, and landward redoubts connected by ramparts, all situated on a cliff promontory rising 100 feet above the river. The fort was commanded by General Clinton, who was the newly appointed governor of the state. Fort Montgomery and its companion fortification Fort Clinton (on the southern bank of the Popolopen) held a combined garrison of roughly 700 American soldiers.
The Battle of Bemis Heights on Oct. 7, 1777, is also known as the 2nd Battle of Saratoga since it was the second and last major engagement in the Battle of Saratoga of the American Revolutionary War. American forces under Major General Heratio Gates repelled the British Lieutenant General John Burgoyne's attempt to take their fortified position on the heights.
John Burgoyne (February 24, 1722 - August 4 1792) was a British army officer, politician and dramatist. During the American Revolutionary War, on October 17, 1777, at Saratoga he surrendered his army of 6,000 men.

WAR DEPARTMENT - Revolutionary Claim: I certify that, in conformity with the law of the United States of the 7th June, 1832, John Wickham, Sr. of the State of Ohio, who was a private during the Revolutionary War is entitled to receive Eighty dollars per annum, during his natural life, commencing on the 4th of March, 1831, and payable semiannually on the 4th of March and 4th of September in every year. Given at the War Office of the United States this 21st day of April one thousand eighty hundred and thirty-four.
signed by Secretary of War and Commissioner of Pensions (penciled in later was "died 19 Feb. 1835") (transcribed as written)

THE STATE OF OHIO, MORGAN COUNTY, Court of Common Please, Feby Term A.D. 1835, Saturday 28th Feb: This day it was satisfactorily proven to the Court by the oaths of Benjamin Blake & David McGarry that John Wickham Senr. of said County died on the 19th day of Febry A.D. 1835. That Sarah Wickham at the time of his death was the wife of the said John Wickham and is now his widow surviving him, and that at the time of his death the said Wickham was a pensioner of the United States.
THE STATE OF OHIO, MORGAN COUNTY:I, James M. Gaylord Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas of said Coutny herby certify that the foregoing is truly copied from the Journal of said County. In testimony where of I have hereunto affixed my official seal & subscribed my name at McConnelsville this 5th day of March AD 1835. Jas. M. Gaylord, Clk
The word "death" in the 9th line from top was interlined before sealing. Jas. M. Gaylord Clk.
(transcribed as written)

JOHN WICKHAM'S WIDOW'S PENSION APPLICATION: State of Ohio, Morgan Co: Know all men by these present that Sarah Wickham, the surviving widow of John Wickham pensioner of the United States of the County of Morgan State of Ohio do hereby constitute and appoint Samuel Church of the City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania my true and lawful Attorney for me and in my name to receive from the Agent of the United States for paying pensions in the City of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania John Wickham's (late deceased) pension from the 4th of September 1834 to the 19th day of Feby 1835 the time of said Wickham's death.
Witness my hand and seal this 17th day of March AD 1835. Sealed and delivered in presence of Gilman Dudley and William Woodard
Sarah (her 'X' mark) Wickham
THE STATE OF OHIO, MORGAN COUNTY: Be it known that on the 17th day of March 1835 before me the subscriber a Justice of the Peace in and for said County afore said personaly appeared Sarah Wickham Above named and acknowledged the foregoing power of Attorney to be her Act and deed in testimony which I have hereunto set my hand seal this day and year afore said.
March 17, 1835 Gilman Dudley J. P. (seal)
(transcribed as written)

MERCHANTS & MANUFACTURERS BANK, Pittsburgh, 1 April 1835: Received of M. Tiernan, President, Agent for paying Pensioners, Thirty Six dollars 61 cents, being for 5 months 15 days pension due to John Wickham Sr., from the 4 day of Sept. 1834 to the 19th day of Feby, 1835; for which I have signed duplicate receipts. Samuel Church, Atty for Sarah Wickham, widow of John Wickham, Sr.
(transcribed as written)

Vol. II Records of Revolution Soldiers - To the Pioneers of the Ohio Country 1788-1938, p. 365:
JOHN WICKHAM, Sr Morgan co - Pvt Pa Milit. Enl springtime of 1775 New Britain Albany co N Y. Srvd 2 yrs. Also srvd in war with France. Was ae 100 in 1834 Rhode Island. Soldr d. Feb 19 1835. Res in Albany co during the war. Since he has resided in Pa and Morgan co O. Ref N Y S 7955. Rept by State DAR.

Chapter 14 - "Ephriam Farrington Settlement":
"This settlement was made by Ephriam Farrington in 1800. He was a native of Chatham, Columbia County, New York. The father of Ephriam was one of three brothers that came to America prior to the Revolution from England and settled near Chatham, Columbia County, New York.
Mr. Farrington married Miss Mary Wickham of Chatham. Mr. and Mrs. Farrington were primitive settlers in the town of Milford, built a log house in new country style, raised a large family, and enjoyed the fruits of their labors. Both died on the farm they purchased, well respected by their neighbors. Mrs. Farrington died before her husband at the age of 84. Mr. Farrington died at the age of 93. The writer is unable to give the names of all his daughters.
Mrs. Farrington's father, Old Mr. Wickham, as he was generally called, was a remarkable man for longevity. Mr. Wickham lived to the age of 102 years. He died very suddenly, was very smart and retained his faculties until he dropped dead. The day he was one hundred years old, he married his second wife, and his appearance was like a man at sixty. The woman he married was in her eighties."
(Note: This almost has to be John Wickham. How many other Wickhams could there be who got married at age 100?)

BAILIS/BAYLESS FAMILY HISTORY COLLECTION, p. 2 (at Caldwell library, OH): " The Bayless and Wickham families were among the earliest English settlers (about 1635) and each generation had large families. It seems that both families had many intermarriages. Furthermore, the children kept moving from Long Island to the Hudson River Valley, up the Hudson River to Albany, New York, west to German Flats, then south down the Cherry Valley past Cooperstown arriving in Milford, New York about 1800. Between 1810 and 1820 the Bayless family along with the Wickham and Merry families arrived in Belmont County, Ohio. Appendix C shows Ephriam Farrington Settlement where Baslis family settled in town of Milford, New York in 1800."
(submitted by Jeannine Hickman)

It is possible that John had a son named James.


John married UNKNOWN, daughter of Unknown and Unknown, about 1761 in NY. (UNKNOWN was born before 1755 4 and died between 1820 and 1830 in probably OH 5.)


John next married Sarah CUNNINGHAM on 30 Mar 1834 in Morgan Co, OH.1 (Sarah CUNNINGHAM was born between 1760 and 1770 6 and died after 1840 in probably Morgan Co, OH 6.)



1 Morgan Co, OH Marriage Records.

2 John WIckham's Rev. War Pension Application.

3 Power of Attorney request by Sarah Wickham.

4 1800 NY Census.

5 1830 OH Census.

6 1840 OH Census.

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