(Bef 1755-Bet 1820/1830)
(1777-Bet 1860/1870)


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1. Hannah? (---)



  • Born: 26 Feb 1777, New Britain, Albany Co, NY? 2
  • Marriage (1): Hannah? (---) about 1806 in probably NY
  • Marriage (2): Eunice CUNNINGHAM on 23 Apr 1825 in Morgan Co, OH 1
  • Died: Bet 1860 and 1870, probably Clay Twp, Hardin Co, IA

bullet  General Notes:

Gerald Wickham supplied much of the information on John Wickham, Jr. and his descendants.

INFO FROM FRANK LESLIE: states John's middle name was William.

LAND RECORDS, Otsego Co, NY, Oct 23, 1800:
John Wickham and Benjamin Wickham of the town of Milford, Otsego Co, bought 100 acres of land from William Cooper, Esq. for $300.
(Note: Unsure if this is John Wickham, Sr. or John Wickham, Jr.)

1810 NY CENSUS, Otsego Co, Milford Twp:
Jn. Wickham:
1 m. under 10 (Calvin?)
1 m. 26-45 (John, Jr.)
1 f. under 10 (?)
1 f. 16-26 (John's 1st wife Hannah?)
(Listed next to Jn. Wickham, Wm. J. Wickham, W. Wickham, Bn. Wickham, A. Merry, T. "Bailus" and E. "Ferinton" on census.)

The following persons were chosen for town officers to wit: Pathmaster: Sir Wm Jnr. Wickham: ward 10; John Wickham: ward 13
(Note: Milford is in Otsego Co, NY)

ABSTRACTS OF LAND SOLD FOR CASH & FURTHER CREDITS 1812-1820, - Zanesville Land Office, p. 56:
John Wickham, Jr. purchased: 1817 code for place of residence: CB

LAND RECORDS, Otsego Co, NY, May 13, 1816:
John Wickham and Hannah, his wife, and Benjamin Wickham and Jerusha, his wife, all of the town of Milford in the Co of Otsego sold 100 acres of land for $1,000.
(Note: Although this "Hannah" could possibly be the 1st wife of John, Sr, the John who signed the legal papers signed his name while John Sr. signed his pension application with an "X", so Hannah is probably the wife of John, Jr.)

1820 OH CENSUS, Morgan Co, Olive Twp:
John "Wickam", Jr.:
2 m. under 10 (Anson & ?)
1 m. 10-16 (Calvin?)
1 m. 26-44 (John Wickham, Jr.)
1 f. under 10
1 f. 10-16
1 f. 26-44 (John's 1st wife Hannah?)

MARRIAGE RECORD, Morgan Co, OH: John Wickham and Eunice Cunningham. I do hereby certify that I joined together in the holy state of matriony John Wickham and Eunice Cunningham on the 23rd day of April A. D. 1825. Given under my hand and seal this 4th day of June A. D. 1825. Dennis Gibbs, J. P.

EARLY TAX RECORDS, OH: John Wickham, Jr. and Benjamin Wickham were listed as living in Morgan Co, OH in 1825.

History of Noble Co, OH
, 1887, ChapterXVII, Olive Township, p. 315: The following is a list of the holders of real estate in Olive Township in 1826, taken from the Morgan County tax duplicate for that year: Benjamin Wickham
John Wickham, Jr.

History of Noble Co, OH
, 1887, Chapter XXIX, Enoch Township, p. 564: John Wickham was a prominent early settler in the northern part of the township. He removed to IA with his family. He had an early horse mill.

1830 OH CENSUS, Morgan Co, Olive Twp:
John Wickham:
2 m. under 5 (Timothy & Bimuel)
2 m. 5-10 (Jason & Isaac)
1 m 10-15 (Anson)
1 m. 20-30 (Calvin)
1 m. 50-60 (John Wickham, Jr.)
1 m. 60-70 (?)
1 m. 90-100 (John Wickham, Sr.)
2 f. under 5 (Hannah & ?)
1 f. 15-20 (?)
1 f. 20-30 (Eunice)
Note: There are 2 seperate listings of this family in the census and the only difference is the 2nd one lists a male 100 years old and older.)

(Listed next to Benjamin Wickham on census.)

1838 LAND RECORD: John Wickham of Monroe Co, OH bought 39-87/100 acres of land in Monroe Co, OH at the Marietta, OH land office on Aug 20, 1838 (NW 1/4 of SE 1/4 of Section 26 in Twp 4 of Range 4)

1840 OH CENSUS, Monroe Co, Enoch Twp:
John "Wickam":
1 m. under 5 (Robert)
5 m. 5-10 (Bimuel R.; William M.; James W.; Asahel J.; Timothy?)
1 m. 20-30 (?)
1 m. 60-70 (John)
1 f. 10-15 (Hannah)
1 f. 30-40 (Eunice)
1 engaged in agriculture.
(Listed nearby was Jer. "Wickam".)
1840 OH CENSUS, Monroe Co, Adams Twp:
John "Wickam":
1 male under 5
1 male 5-10
1 m. 10-15
1 m. 15-20
1 m. 40-50
1 f. 0-5
1 f. 10-15
1 f. 40-50

OH TAX RECORDS, 1800-1850:
Name: John Wickham
Residence: Decatur Township, Washington, Ohio
Taxation Type: County Land
Year: 1840
Digital Folder Number: 4022409
Image Number: 00168
Film Number: 945366
(Note: Unsure if this is the correct John Wickham.)

John Wickham and family moved to Iowa in 1847 or 1848.

Name: John Wickham
Issue Date: 10 Apr 1849
State of Record: Iowa
Acres: 80
Accession Number: IA2330__.107
Metes and Bounds: No
Land Office: Iowa City
Canceled: No
US Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: April 24, 1820: Sale-Cash Entry (3 Stat. 566)
Document Number: 1123
Legal Land Description: Section Twp Range Meridian Counties
7 81-N 4-W 5th PM Cedar
(Cedar County, IA records show he paid $100 ($1.25 per acre) for the 80 acres on Apr 18, 1848 and that it was patented to him on Apr 10, 1849.)
(Note: Andrew "Milslager" bought land nearby in 1854.)

LAND RECORDS, Cedar County, IA deed book 9, page 3, Aug. 1847: John Wickham Jr and wife Eunice sold land to Andrew J. Methany. (recorded Nov. 30, 1848)

1850 IA CENSUS, Cedar Co, Linn Twp:
John "Wickam", 73, farmer, $200 real estate, b. NY;
Eunice, 47, b. ME, unable to read/write;
Timothy, 22, farmer, b. OH, unable to read/write;
Bimael R., 20, farmer, b. OH, unable to read/write;
Wm, 18, farmer, b. OH; Jas., 16, farmer, b. OH;
Asa, 14, b. OH;
Robt. 12, b. OH;
Sarah, 9, b. OH;
Rachel, 7, b. OH.
(Listed next to them on the census was Anson Wickham and family.)

1851 IA STATE CENSUS, Cedar Co:
John Wickham, 11 in family.
(He was listed next to Timothy Wickham, B. Wickham and Anson Wickham.)

1852 IA STATE CENSUS, Cedar Co, Linn Twp:
John "Weekham" or "Wukham" - 7 males, 3 females, 2 voters, 4 militia.
(Listed next to them on the census was Anson "Weekham" or "Wukham" and Andrew Millslagle.)

1854 LAND SALE: John & Eunice Wickham sold 160 acres of land in Cedar Co, IA to John Gray on Sep 20, 1854 for $1,200.

1855 LAND RECORD: John "Wickam" of Hardin Co. bought 40 acres of land in Hardin Co., IA on June 15, 1855. (SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 quarter of Section 24, Twp 88, North of Range 19 West in the District of lands subject to sale at Ft. Des Moines, Iowa)

1856 IA STATE CENSUS, Hardin Co, Clay Twp:
Timothy Wickham, 26, single, b. OH, farmer;
John, 79, married, b. SNY, farmer;
Eunice, 55, married, b. Maine;
Bimeal R., 25, single, b. OH, farmer;
William M., 23, single, b. OH, farmer;
Robert M. 17, b. OH,
Sarah Jane, 15. b. OH;
"Racheal", 13, b. OH.
They raised hay, spring wheat, corn and hogs. They had all been in IA 8 yrs.

1860 IA CENSUS, Hardin Co, Clay Twp:
J. "Wickan", 83, b. NY was living with his son Timothy and family.
(Note: John's wife was not listed.)

HISTORY OF CEDAR CO, IA,1878: Biographies - Linn Twp:
J. Wickham, farmer, Section 7, P.O. Lisbon. (Also listed in Section 7 were A. Wickham, S. Wickham and H. C. Wilson.)

OREGON NEWSPAPER: article states 7 Wickham Brothers served as Iowa Inf. Vol. in the Civil War. (Bimuel, Isaac, James W., Robert M., Timothy, Asahel J., and William M. Wickham.)

FAMILY BIBLE: "A true certified copy of the Family Bible Record of John Wickham (father of Bimuel Wickham):
John Wickham b. Feb. 26, 1777
Eunice Wickham b. Mar 10, 1803
Hannah Wickham b. Aug 11, 1826
Timothy Wickham b. Aug 4, 1828
Bimuel Wickham b. Apr 18, 1830
William Wickham b. Dec 19, 1832
James Wickham b. Dec 14(?), 1833
Aschel Wickham b. Mar 30, 1835
Mabel Wickham b. Feb 27, 1837
Robert Wickham b. Jan 30, 1839
Sarah Jane Wickham b. Mar 16, 1841
Rachael Wickham b. Mar 27, 1843

I, Eliza Wickham being duly sworne before and says the above record is a correct copy taken from the family Bible that was once the property of John Wickham (Father of Bimuel Wickham) That is now in my possession said Bible with record in was printed by the New York American Bible Society ilustrated(?) in the year 1846(?) as she varily believes. " certified Feb 15, 1908

LETTER FROM ELLA HEATH, Wheatridge, CO, June 17, 1941: She listed the same birth dates as above, except for these that were different:
James Wickham b. Dec. 11, 1833
Sarah Jane Wickham b. Mar 16, 1847
John Wickham and Eunice married Apr. 25, 1825
Now this is my grandfather and mother and my mother name was Hannah Wickham and she was b. Aug. 11, 1826 and she married Samuel Millslagle don't tell when they were married but my mother died Apr. 18, 1901.
My name is Martha Ellen Heath Ella is just a nick name for me and my man married was Arthur Heath and he died married 17, 1980 and I am a old lady 77 yrs old. I have just one girl her name is Lois Davis she lives in California." (transcribed as written)

LETTER FROM MRS. C. BERTHA WICKHAM, Ackley, IA, Mar 10, 1941: My brother-in-law J. F. Wickham at Winfield "asked me to write to you, saying I know more about the Wickhams than he did, as I was married to his oldest brother, now deceased and he was quite a few years older. This Daisy Wickham Stevens is a very good friend of mine but we can't trace any relationship of course. I'm not a Wickham but married one. My husband, if living, would be 71, I think."
"My husband's father's name was Bimmel Wickham. He had 5 brothers, namely William, Robert, Asel, Timothy and James all deceased. They were all in the Civil War and William was killed there. The rest all lived to a ripe old age. Father Wickham was 85, died in 1917. Their father's name was John and Eunice and they came from Ohio. I think the 6 brother were all born in Ohio. There were 2 girls, one died young and the other, Hannah Wickham Millslagle lived to be an old lady. She has a daughter living, Mrs. Ella Heath of Wheatridge, CO. She's getting old.
Robert Wickham and family moved to Oregon years ago. He had quite a family. Timothy Wickham lived at Cedar Rapids, IA. Quite a few Wickham here relatives of my husband but I don't know them. Then there are Wickhams at Aredale, IA about 20 miles from here. These old Wickham name are all on the soldiers monument in the court house square 20 miles from here.
There was a W. O. Wickham and a Winfield Wickham, both deceased now, address Steamboat Rock, IA. There is a Mrs. Bertha Smith now living in Steamboat Rock - she is a widow. Then there is a maiden lady Allie Wickham, daughter of W. O. Wickham, address Steamboat Rock RFD."
When father Wickham came from Ohio they, or his people, located in Cedar County, IA. The boys enlisted for Civil War in Cedar County"

LETTER FROM C. BERTHA WICKHAM, Iowa Falls, IA, Apr. 13, 1941: "My father-in-law Bimuel didn't have a brother James that had a son Leon V. he had a son by his first marriage and his name was William a great family name for Wickhams. now there were 6 boys Timothy,
Ashel, James, Robert, Bimuel, William killed battle Civil War. There was one sister Hannah she married Samuel Millslagle at Steamboat Rock. he died of TB, practially a young man.
Bimuel and Eliza Millslagle were married Dec. 19, 1865. Children were:
William Andrew (my husband, deceased)
Carrie Wickham Reeves, oldest deceased
Bert Wickham of N. Dakota
J. Frank Wickham of Winfield
Ernest Gilmore of Iowa Falls
Robert Wickham went to Oregon years ago but had quite a family - never knew him.
(She attached a paper with more family information:)
Bimuel married to Eliza Millslagle Dec. 19-1865. she died Mar. 21-1918 - he died Nov. 28-1916, born April 18-1830 in Ohio. children
William Andrew - husband of Candace Bertha Fossler born Jan 3, 1869 died Sep 1, 1930 = 61 yrs
Albert Wickham of Butte ND children Phebie Grace and Ruth wife of Albert Julis Frick
John Franklin of Winfield, IA wife is Flora Irwin children Hazel Esther Lester Merle & Ralph
Ernest Gilmore of Iowa Falls - wife Grace Stipp who died 3 weeks ago. children Ruby Mary Ellen Ruth Leslie Harry and Gerald. There were two sets of twins one out of each died. Leslie the first is 34 Gerald second set is 17.
Timothy of Cedar Rapids married twice don't know the family
James married twice born Sep 1-1833 in Ohio. Children Clarence widower Cedar Rapids, IA, Sarah E. feeble minded in Linn Co, Iowa. Lionel P.(?) & Verne L. of Greenwood, WI when I knew them it was Vere & Vern thought they were twins. I think one of them is dead.
Uncle Jim died at Soldiers home obituary don't say what year he died but its been anyway 15 years
Ashiel Wickham born Mar 30-1835 died May 19-1897 their children Edwin, Jake, Winfield, Ella (deceased), May (deceased) don't know their address. married Lydia Shaffer of Eldora, IA
Robert M. Wickham of Oregon City, Oregon they had quite a family but I never saw any of them
William died in the Civil War never married - the other 5 all came home
Hannah Wickham married to Sam Millslagle have no dates on this
Kate or Catherine Millslagle married Sam Brown they both deceased. She left 8 children we adopted the baby at 4-1/2 months Kate was a double cousin to my husband. Kate Brown oldest son killed in world war - name was Charley then Ray was in service died of epileptic fits so afraid to go. then there's Guy, Floyd, Alice (Jones), Alta, Rose, Edna.
J ulia Millslagle Voiles - oldest daughter 1st husband Charley Voiles stabbed to death in a saloon in an early day by one of the Rainesbarger gang. You surely have heard of them at Steamboat Rock. one daughter and son born. boy was drowned the daughter I think is still living. I inquired yesterday her address is or was Mountain Home, Idaho. their Julia married Charleys brother John. They had 2 girls Stella Voiles Turner a very talented lady, now deceased and other daughter Velma I can't say where she is.
Carrie Millslagle Gummert decease had 2 boys. Devere Gummert a fine man he is an elevator man saw service in France then Forrest his brother died the second year he was married.
Ella Millslagle Heath of Wheatridge is only one living. She is almost an invalid. I hear she had a daughter Lois don't know her last name. I heard she had 8 children."
(transcribed as written)

LETTER FROM GERTIE OLIVE WICKHAM, Steamboat Rock, IA, 1940's: (daughter of William Ogilvie Wickham, son of Asahel M. Wickham, who was son of John's brother William J. Wickham): "Father said --- Uncle John had 21 children."

LETTER FROM CLARENCE E. WICKHAM, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1940's: (son of James W. Wickham who was a son of John Wickham Jr.) "My father was James W. Wickham. He came from Ohio to Iowa. As far as I can remember, he was one out of 21 children. I can only remember 2 uncles and 1 aunt. I don't remember anything about my grandfather Wickham. I had an Uncle Bimel and Uncle Asal and Aunt Hannah."


John married Hannah? (---) about 1806 in probably NY. (Hannah? (---) was born between 1784 and 1794 3 and died between 1822 and 1825 in OH.)


John next married Eunice CUNNINGHAM on 23 Apr 1825 in Morgan Co, OH.1 (Eunice CUNNINGHAM was born on 10 Mar 1803 in ME 2 and died between 1856 and 1860 in probably Hardin Co, IA.)



1 Morgan Co, OH Marriage Records.

2 Family Bible of John Wickham, Jr.

3 1810 NY Census.

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