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(Bef 1755-Bet 1820/1830)
William Johnson WICKHAM
(Aft 1776-Aft 1834)
possibly Sarah (---)
Salathiel/Salathial A. WICKHAM


Family Links

1. Mary WILCOX
2. Lorana WICKHAM

3. Drusilla (---)

Salathiel/Salathial A. WICKHAM 4

  • Born: 1806, NY 5
  • Marriage (1): Mary WILCOX on 17 Dec 1822 in Belmont Co, OH 1
  • Marriage (2): Lorana WICKHAM on 19 Feb 1832 in Morgan Co, OH 2
  • Marriage (3): Drusilla (---) on 20 Apr 1831 in OH 3
  • Died: 22 Mar 1854, probably Lee Co., IA at age 48 3

bullet  General Notes:

MARRIAGE RECORDS BELMONT CO, OH: "Salathiel" A. Wickham of Morgan Co married Mary Wilcox of York Twp. on Dec. 17, 1822. The marriage licence was dated Dec 12 or 13, 1822 and was signed by a "Sir William J. Wickham" (his father?) due to Salathiel being underage. "I, Sir W. J. Wickham, being duly affirmed to say that I know of my own knowledge that the parents of the above named parties are willing that Marriage License should issue to them. Wm. J. Wickham"

1830 OH CENSUS, Fairfield Co, Walnut Twp:
Salathiel Wickham (age 20-29) was living in a boarding house with a Calvin Wickham (age 15-19).

MARRIAGE TO DRUSILLA: No marriage record has been found. However, many descendants of Salathiel and Drusilla report that their family Bibles state that Salathiel and Drusilla were married Apr. 20, 1831.
(Note: This marriage would, therefore, have occurred before the marriage below.)

MORGAN CO., OH MARRIAGES, Vol. A - 1819-1841: "Salathiel" Wickham and "Lorania" Wickham were married by Peter Fogle on Feb. 19, 1832. Benjamin Wickham (Jr) (Lorana's brother) and Elizabeth Ruble were married by the same person, on the same date. (Salathiel's father, William J. Wickham, and Lorana's father, Benjamin, were brothers so Salathiel and Lorana would have been first cousins. First cousins could legally marry back then.)

According to Bible records, Salathiel married Druislla in 1831 and according to marriage records, he married Lorana in 1832. Drusilla had children born in 1832, 1834, 1836 and 1838 (plus additional children both later) and Lorana had children born in 1832, 1833 and 1837. The first son of each of these women was named James. Drusilla had a son named Cyrus and Lorana had a son named Silas. (Note: It seems unlikely that Salathiel was married/living with Lorana and Drusilla at the same time, since Zanesville is about 46 miles from Caldwell. Could it be that Drusilla first married someone else, had children, and later married (or lived with) Salathiel and they just listed an earlier marriage date in their Bible?)

EARLY OH SETTLERS - Purchasers of Land in East & East Central OH 1800-1840" - Wickham, Salathiel (transaction made in Zanesville office) Dec. 9, 1835 Morgan Co., OH.

BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT, Zanesville, OH land office: On April 10, 1837, "Salathiel" Wickham of Morgan Co, OH bought 82 acres of land in Noble Co, OH.
(Asahel M. Wickham bought adjacent land on the same date and Ebenezer Wickham bought adjacent land 4 months later.)

1840 OH CENSUS, Muskingum Co, Springfield Twp: Sarah Wickham 2 m. under 5; 1 m. 5-9; 2 m. 20-29; 1 m. 30-39; 1 f. under 5; 1 f. 5-9; 1 f. 15-19; 1 f. 20-29; 1 f. 60-69. 2 involved in manufacturing and trade and 1 involved in navigation of ocean.
(Note: Sarah is believed to be the widow of William J. Wickham and it is possible that Salathiel, Drusilla and children were living with her.)

INFORMATION FROM DAISY WICKHAM STEVENS: Salathiel's family moved from OH to Buena Vista, IA (a village a few miles west of Keokuk, Lee Co, IA) about 1847.

1850 IA CENSUS, Lee Co, district 29:
"Salatharal" Wickham, 42, laborer, NY;
"Druzilla", 38, NY;
Sarah R., 18, OH;
James, 16, laborer, OH;
William, 10, OH;
Jacob, 9, OH;
Cyrus, 7, OH.;
William Harmon, 20, boatman, b. OH;
Leroy Harmon, 17, boatman, b. OH.

DEATH RECORD: none found.

1940's LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM MRS. RUTH WICKHAM MILLER of Sarahsville, OH: "my grandparents Salathail and Lorana parted and Salathail went to Zanesville and remarried and has some family. I don't know how many for they never kept on his track but Lorana my grandma never married and always lived with my parents (Alexander and Rachel Hulda Wickham) until she died."

April 12, 1941 LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM JAMES WILLIAM WICKHAM of Sarahsville, OH: "My grandfather's name on my mother's side was Salathail. Salathail had three children. Rachael Hulda, James and Silas. Rachael Hulda is my mother. James married Mary King. He was killed in the Civil War. Silas went to Scioto Co. in OH. He married a woman by the name of Crabtree. Salathail left his wife when Silas was just small. Silas was the youngest. The last time she heard from him he was up around Zanesville, Ohio. He married again with a woman from Zanesville. This is the only Salathail I know about."

Feb. 10, 1942 LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM JAMES WILLIAM WICKHAM of Sarahsville: "My mother was Rachel H. Wickham." - - "Her father's name was Slathail. Her mother's name was Lorana. When mother and grandmother left New York, grandfather went off and they never heard anymore from him. As I was young when they died, I don't know where Calvin or John, his father, came from. Calvin was my grandfather on my father's side. Benjamin was my great-grandfather on my mother's side. John was my great-grandfather on my father's side. I think John and Benjamin were cousins."

1940's LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM ANNA (SARAH ANN) WICKHAM BUTLER, 160 E. Court, Kahoka, MO: As recorded in the old Bible - Grandfather Salathial Wickham and Drusilla Wickham was married April 20, 1831. Grand Pa died March 22, 1864 aged 48 yrs. Grandma died June 27, 1864 aged 30 years. born unto them.
Sarah R. Wickham March 7, 1832
James M. Wickham Jan 24, 1834
Mary Wickham Nov 20, 1836
Eber M. Wickham June 5, 1838
Jacob A. Wickham June 5, 1841
William J. Wickham April 23, 1840
Cyrus M. Wickham Feb. 26, 1843
Elizabeth E. Wickham Sep 13, 1844
Joseph S. Wickham March 29, 1846
The only marriages in the bible are as follows:
William Harmon & Sarah R. Wickham was married July 20, 1851.
Cyrus Wickham & Sarah M. Claypool was married April 20, 1865
Jacob A. Wickham & Sarah Thompson was married June 5, 1866 at Luray, Mo. by Sg. Harmmond - my father and mother.
The record don't show where they were born or died. Now there is a record of Lyons in the bible in 1775, 1806. 1810, 1792, 1796, 1832, 1835, 1837, from Lowell Ohio, New York, Vermont, now who they were I do not know I never heard my father ever mention them." - - -
"Now I haven't any records to tell where my uncles and aunts were born
Uncle James Wickham died at Luray, Mo.
Uncle William at Queen City, Texas
Aunt Sarah Harmon at Keokuk, Iowa
Uncle Cyrus at Kansas City, Mo.
My Husband Herbert O. Butler died Sept 7, 1928
Aunt Sarah Harmons children Anna, John & Chas. all dead.
Uncle James. children Jacob, Chas, at Luray Mo, Lilly I don't know where Viola (dead)
Uncle Cyrus. John, Effie, Chas., Sadie and John, I don't know where they live or how many are dead.
Uncle William. John, Mabel, Gertie & William. I think they are all dead haven't heard from them in years.
All my mother's sisters and brothers are dead if my father was living this coming June he would be One Hundred. My, it seems the time goes so fast as we get older now if there are anything else I can help you in the way of information I will gladly do so." - - "I want to hear from Cousin Sallie Grabill's mother they lived in Kahoka years ago it has been so long she was a small child when she with her Parents moved to Kansas City from our town"
(Transcribed as written. Note: Elisha Lyon and his brother Abel Lyon lived near John Wickham in Milford, Otsego Co, NY and could possibly be one of the Lyons referred to above.)

July 1, 1940 LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM A CHILD OF JOHN HERBERT WICKHAM, Kansas City, MO: "Cyrus Wickham's mother and father were born in England, his father was a teacher. Sadie Grabill has the family Bible."

Sept. 27, 1940 LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM W. N. GRABILL, Yakima, WA: "My mother's grandparents were Uleris and Ursula Wickham and they came to this country from England just what year we do not know. Some of the children of this marriage were born in England but just which one we are not sure. They had six children, Sarah, Jim, Jake, William, Cyrus and Ellen who died when a baby. "

Jan. 29, 1941 LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM MRS. C. A. (CHARLES ADDISON) WICKHAM, 400 Belnap Place, Keokuk, IA: "Correct list of Jacob Addison Wickham's family from his family bible, by his daughter, Flora B. Whitehead. Salathial A. Wickham, born in Ohio, and his wife Drucilla Wickham, born in Ohio, were father and mother of Jacob Addison Wickham."

Apr. 23, 1941 LETTER TO ARTHUR WICKHAM FROM ANNA MAE WICKHAM BUTLER: "In regards to Salathail Wickham's marriage, my grandfather was married in 1831 to Drusilla Wickham The records do not say where. My Grandma's name was Wickham also but whether they were any kin I do not know." "Now there is a record of Lyons in the Bible in 1775, 1806, 1810, 1792, 1796, 1832, 1835, 1837, from Lowell, OH, NY and VT. Now who they were I do not know. I never heard my father ever mention them."

KEOKUK (IA) CEMETERIES: The first burial in Keokuk was a doctor who died of cholera in 1832. "The cholera epidemic of 1849-50 played a tremendous part in furthering the need of a larger burial ground. The 'Whig & Register' of July 12, 1849, states: 'Since the breaking out of cholera here in the later part of March, there have been about 50 deaths.' On July 26th another reference, 'The disease has not entirely left this place yet. Last week he heard of some two or three deaths."" In 1849 more than one out of ten of the citizens of Keokuk died of cholera, and a very large number of persons were buried in Keokuk who died on the boats that landed here." (Could there have been some kind of epidemic in 1854 that killed Salathiel, two of his children and two of his grandchildren?)


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

Occupation: Laborer.


Salathiel/Salathial married Mary WILCOX on 17 Dec 1822 in Belmont Co, OH.1


Salathiel/Salathial next married Lorana WICKHAM, daughter of Benjamin WICKHAM and Jerusha "Rusha" (---), on 19 Feb 1832 in Morgan Co, OH.2 (Lorana WICKHAM was born about 1814 in NY 6 and died on 3 May 1894 in Shamrock (now Fredericksdale), Center Twp, Noble Co, OH 7 8.)


Salathiel/Salathial next married Drusilla (---) on 20 Apr 1831 in OH.3 (Drusilla (---) was born in 1814 in NY and died on 27 Jun 1864 in probably Lee Co., IA 3.)



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